Work at Nation

Hello dear reality escape helper,

Always wanted to know how your favorite festival works behind the scenes? Would you like to help make this year safe, wonderful and unforgettable for everyone?

We are creating a particularly protected and safe biotope for party animals that have only rarely been seen and threatened recently, such as Dancing Bears, Boozehounds, Party Monsters and Nighthawks. For this we need you, as a caring and hardworking gamekeeper.

However, the event can only happen if the safety and hygiene concept is strictly adhered to. A PCR test before entry is mandatory for everyone! Avoiding infections at the festival and the safety and health of everyone involved is our top priority! Please read the hygiene concept carefully.

There are the following possibilities to support us:

  1. We will register you as a contingent worker and you earn € 12 net per hour, which means that we will cover the social security contributions for you and also the entire test costs if you work three shifts.
  2. You help us on two days as a volunteer and pay us a “deposit” in the amount of the test costs (80, – €) in advance. You will get this deposit paid out after your second shift.

If you are recipient of social benefits like ALG I or ALG II, we cannot register you. But you can help as a volunteer (see 2.)

There are several divisions that you can apply for. The more divisions you are interested in, the greater your chances that we can deploy and select you.

We need helpers and volunteers throughout the whole festival, not just Thursday or Friday. You help us a lot if you are flexible. We will of course try to take your wishes into account and do our best to do so. But please understand if that doesn’t always work 100%. There will definitely be enough time left to celebrate with your friends, if you want to.

We are looking forward to you!

These are possible uses:


From about a week before the festival you can help us to put up fences, do a signage system and other construction work. However, there are only very few free work spaces, please also give us other possible applications if the assembly does not work.

Possible as a volunteer


Brand new this year is that all guests will be tested at the entrance. For example, you check whether it’s the right car, you distribute festival ribbons, help at the entrance, prevent chaos and spread a good mood.

Possible as a volunteer


(guidance, instruction, etc.)

You make sure that all guests come to the camping areas correctly after testing and that there is still space for others. You also make sure that only people who have been tested come to the site. You have a very important position here!

Possible as a volunteer


(bartenders / runner / dish washer (cups) / empties)

Here you take care with love that all guests get enough to drink. You definitely need gastro experience for work at the bar. Reliability, a good mood and will for hard work are a must in all areas!

Possible as a volunteer (nur Spüler:in/Leergut)

Bicycle cloakroom / garbage deposit

Not stressful but very important because a lot of people will come by bike this year. You accept the bikes, check the bike tickets, take care of the bikes during the festival and give them back to the right owners.

With the garbage deposit you are our environmental hero: in – you accept the well-filled and separated garbage bags, make sure that everything is sorted correctly and give out the deposit.

Possible as a volunteer

Destruction /Build-down

We can really use you here if you still have the energy and desire to help at the end of the second festival (crane). Together we want to restore the beloved field to its original state so that it can be used again next year. A little technical or manual skill would also be great. We pay fair daily fees for dismantling.

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