Covid-19 & our Hygiene Concept

Dearest Parallel-World Tourists,

It is with great pleasure that we announce today that we have all the necessary permits and that the Nation of Gondwana 2021 can take place as a model project in the state of Brandenburg – Kite & Crane are going into the landing approach!

The two events will be scientifically accompanied in order to gain important knowledge about the realization of open air events under these extraordinary
pandemic circumstances. Don’t worry, your personal data will remain safe with us and all research will be completely anonymous. The knowledge gained will be used to pave the way for comparable open air events with a hygiene concept in the near future.

We will meet again at the end of the rainbow – but of course there is a catch.

IF however the incidence at the time of the event in the district Havelland and/or Brandenburg 3 days should be over 100, we will have to cancel!

So please continue to behave mindfully and in solidarity, because there is bright light at the end of the tunnel!
You will receive further pyonistic parallel world mailings with important information about testing and travel in the next weeks.

Your Pyonen

What will change in 2021

As you know, we will be celebrating the Nation of Gondwana in a small way on two consecutive weekends this year!

(I) 16-18.07.21 Milan

(II) 23-25.07.21 Crane

Each ticket will be personalised at the time of purchase. This is the only way we can correctly allocate tests and reliably trace contacts in case of doubt.

For reasons of hygiene, travel to the event must be organised differently this year. There will be no public transport or shuttle buses, as we want to form as small a cluster as possible. It will only be possible to get there by car or bicycle.

Therefore only the following tickets will be available in a bundle, it is not possible to buy a single festival ticket.

Option (I) Car – Bundle
1 car ticket
+ 1-5 festival tickets

Option (II) Bicycle – Bundle
1 bike ticket
+ 1 festival ticket

Please carpool well in advance before buying a car bundle!

Compulsory PCR tests are the core of our hygiene protection concept. We have organised various partner testing stations nationwide for this purpose.

A current list of all PCR test stations with opening hours can be found here. When you arrive at the festival, the PCR tests must be no more than 48 hours old and should be carried out around 30 hours beforehand.

The test capacities will be increased for you especially in Berlin from Wednesday to Friday before Milan & Kranich.

The procedure

After you have purchased a ticket in advance, you will receive a PCR test voucher. With this voucher, you go to one of our nationwide partner stations 48 hours before the event at the earliest and (30h latest) get tested. Your ticket for the Nation of Gondwana 2021 will only be generated after a negative result. On site, you will go through two more test stages before you can enter the field.

We will of course implement further hygiene measures at the event site. Check out the short version of our concept. Satisfy your curiosity via the FAQs.

We recommend all reality escape helpers to read both carefully before buying a ticket!

And in a few weeks, when we can almost hear the wing beats of Milan & Kranich, we will answer further open questions via an online Q&A.
You’ll find out the date in good time via the Pyonistic Parallel World post.

Finally, a hint: the presale for Milan & Kranich starts on 30 April 2021 at 12 o’clock!

At the same time we will also publish the respective line-ups. Tickets are limited, as usual, to be purchased via TixforGigs. The ticket price will increase due to the extensive testing measures, as all testing costs are included in the ticket price.

There will be more details in another Pyonistic Parallel World mailing next week (you can register here).

Finally, we would like to appeal to all parallel world tourists once again: only if we all keep our feet still for a while can Milan and Kranich start their landing approach!

Stay healthy & in solidarity,

your Pyonen

Hygiene Concept – Nation of Gondwana 2021

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Hygienekonzept NoG 2021_gekürzte Fassung Website”]

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions


The PCR test can be bypassed by uploading a valid vaccination certificate from the CovidWarn app or from the CovPass app (just take a screenshot) to the ticket. To do this, please call up the link from the personalisation email from again and use the upload function (vaccination certificate -> digital proof of vaccination) on the page. If you no longer have the link, you can also send your certificate to the ticket buyer(s) so that they can take care of the upload (can be found after logging in at -> My Orders -> Personalisation).

The upload option will be available from Saturday, 03.07.21. The vaccination certificates will be processed by TixforGigs and – like all other personalisation data – automatically deleted after four weeks.

Please take this opportunity to check your e-mail addresses again and, if necessary, tick the box for sending SMS.