Festival am Waldsee | 21. – 23. Juli | Grünefeld bei Berlin


FAQ Accessibility Nation of Gondwana

As of April 05, 2023

Dear Parallel World Tourists,

We have set ourselves the goal of becoming more accessible in the coming years. We have received a lot of input from the team of the ‘Initiative for Barrier-Free Celebrations’ and are working on making the festival more accessible for people with disabilities. As the organization of a festival is often “work in progress”, we will update this page whenever there are new developments.
We are happy to answer any further questions you may have, please contact us at info@pyonen.de.

Where do we celebrate and what does it look like there?

Since 1999, we have been celebrating the Nation of Gondwana on a meadow in Grünefeld. This meadow is located in the middle of a pine forest, at the upper edge. There is a small bathing lake with two opposite beaches next to the event area.
The meadow is uneven but mostly with a firm surface and covered with grasses. Between the forest and the meadow, there is a sandy strip of about 3 m width. Between the meadow and the lake area, there is also a sandy path with a width of 2.50m. The path to the lake stage is partly marked by protruding roots from the ground. The path to the stage is sandy. The lake stage is located on the beach, directly on the lake and forest.
The Spelunke stage area is located right next to it, surrounded by trees and can only be reached via a sandy path with a width of about 2.5m.
The campsite is located directly at the event area. There is almost no separation between the campsite and the event area by fences or similar, only 1.5m wide passages.
The roads and paths on the campsite are partly sandy and uneven.
The main stage is located on the meadow and is close to washbasins and about 100m away from the DRK tent and the toilets.
The “Bei Birke” stage is located on the meadow and is about 150m away from the main stage.


If you need an accompanying person, please contact markus@pyonen.de by email. Your accompanying person will receive a free ticket from us.

Arrival by public transport

It is possible to travel from Berlin to Nauen station by regional train.
The station is equipped with elevators and tactile guidance systems.
Free shuttle buses are available at Nauen station. The buses are articulated buses from the company Havelbus, all of which have barrier-free entry.
The buses are usually very crowded and many people gather at the entrances to the buses at Nauen station. There are two security personnel stationed by us who coordinate admission.
You can find more information about the station and the buses using the following links:

Arrival by car:

Arriving by car requires a vehicle ticket. If you depend on your own vehicle, please contact markus@pyonen.de.
Alternatively, you can also be dropped off, see the section ‘Accessible Camping’.

Accessible Parking

There are sufficient accessible parking spaces near the ticket booth. The parking spaces are located on the grass and do not have a paved surface. Parking directly next to your tent or RV on the campsite is also possible. See “Accessible camping” for more information.

Wheelchair accessible surroundings

See the area description at the beginning.
At present, we will not be able to offer additional path paving (such as heavy-duty mats).

Orientation on the site

To make it easier for you to navigate, we will be using more pictograms throughout the site.
In addition, you will receive a printed site map at the entrance that shows all the important locations.

Services for blind people

We do not have any tactile guidance systems or the like on the field.

Accessible sanitary facilities

As before, we will provide some accessible Dixie toilets, which are equipped with lights and disinfectants. These are located in the area of the German Red Cross (DRK), in the center of the event area. The toilets are locked, and the key is available from the DRK staff.
However, we have not yet been able to reserve a combined accessible shower and toilet container.

Accessible camping

For the first time, we will be offering an accessible camping area.
This area will be located in camping area C3, which is very central (about 20 meters) next to the DRK tent and the accessible Dixie toilet facilities.
You are welcome to camp with your friends.
Please register early with xynia@pyonen.de so that we can provide appropriate capacities!

Charging station for electric wheelchairs

If you need a charging station for your electric wheelchair, please send an email to markus@pyonen.de.

Raised platforms

Unfortunately, we cannot provide raised platforms this year.

Awareness team & safer space

Our trained awareness team from the Safer Space is available to listen to you 24/7 for all matters. The Safer Space tent is located near the DRK tent, behind the Wiesefloor, and close to the entrance to the Spelunke.
There are also mobile teams on the event site,
which can be identified by their green warning vests.

Sensitized staff

Within the core team and team leaders, we have completed a workshop on the topic of “celebrating accessibly”. We will pass on this knowledge as best we can to all staff members.

Assistance in case of emergency

The telephone network coverage on our site is very poor.
All teams are connected to each other by radio. If you are not feeling well or need assistance, all our staff members, from bar staff to security, are available to help and can arrange further assistance.

German Red Cross (DRK)

There is a fully equipped first aid tent on the site, staffed by Red Cross emergency medical technicians, doctors, and first responders, who are available 24/7.

Medicines Cooling

In the DRK tent, you have the option to cool your medications in a refrigerator designated only for that purpose.
Please bring your medications in a labeled and sealable container.

Rest Area

In the tent of the Safer Spaces, there is a supervised and separated rest area.

Extreme Light Effects & Volume

Almost all of our stages are equipped with moving, flashing lights, some of them with strobes.
Our musical focus is on techno, electro, house, and other facets of electronic music – the volume does not exceed 99dba in the center of the dance floors, but there may be a high volume level with strong bass and unusual noises.