We are continuously working on making the Nation of Gondwana more accessible. For more information, you can find our Accessibility FAQ.

Please send any requests, suggestions, or questions to

Arrival: all infos here

Departure: You must have left the festival grounds by Monday 14:00 at the latest!

NEW: this year, again there will be a guarded bike stand for those arriving by bicycle. If you want to make use of this you need to buy a ticket in our ticket shop.


Booking for the Nation of Gondwana 2024 is complete!

Our address for booking requests is:

Dear artists, Please bear in mind that the musical focus of the Nation of Gondwana lies in the spectrum of electronic music. Since we always receive a large number of e-mails from you, we would like to point out in advance that we can not answer every request. Thanks for your understanding!

There will be NO box office & NO day tickets.

Not even for Sunday.

We have been using a cashless and anonymized payment system for several years. There are two cashless containers available on the event grounds, open from Friday 12:00 PM to Monday 12:00 PM. Here, you can load your chip (cash or card payment possible) as well as refund any remaining balance. Additionally, there are self-top-up stations with card payment at the Seebar and Bei Birke Bar. For all those who miss out, we will provide a link for self-service online refunds one week after the event – more information will follow here!

We are of the opinion that the event is not suitable for children. Please organise a babysitter or get help from the grandparents, and treat your little ones to a parent-free weekend.

Please read our Code of Conduct. Abiding by these guidelines is obligatory for partaking.

No confetti!!! Please leave your confetti at home – cleaning up the mess left behind after a few seconds of fun takes a lot of time and is very tedious.

Relevant contact addresses are to be found here


Last year we witnessed some pretty bad scenes with dogs that had been brought to the festival and then got lost. This was really stupid on the part of the owners. We feel that this is animal cruelty.

For this reason, we are reserving the right to refuse entry to people who bring their dogs with them.

Find good boarding kennels and treat your pet to a few days’ holiday as well.

The sale of illegal drugs will not be tolerated. Dealers will be evicted immediately.

There will be a large selection of stalls, we pay attention to a moderate price level . The varied offer is mostly vegan & vegetarian, nevertheless, our friends of the volunteer fire department will continue to heat the grill with regional sausage delicacies for you.

Admission is Friday from 11 am. The musical program of the Nation of Gondwana starts at 3 pm.

Open fires are strictly prohibited and will be immediately put out by the fire brigade. Barbecuing is permitted in the area designated for this purpose by the fire brigade.


In severely bad weather (with lightning):

  • Exit the dance floor and festival site
  • Stay calm
  • Get in your vehicle
  • Offer other festival visitors shelter in your vehicle
  • Stay away from the forest!
  • Help those in need or with injuries
  • Adhere to any instructions from the organisers

We have developed an extensive Hygiene Concept – please make yourself aquainted with our rules & guidelines. Our FAQs are to be found here.

Participation in the Nation of Gondwana is exclusively at your own risk.

We do not accept any liability for personal injury or material damage suffered during the event or when arriving or departing.

You must follow the instructions of the security staff, fire brigade or Red Cross.

During the event, you can drop off found items at the Cashlesscontainers.

If you’ve lost anything send us an e-mail:

Important: Please state in the subject heading WHAT you are looking for, ie. “LOST: black rucksack of brand XYZ”. As we receive hundres of e-mails, this will help us to keep an overview.

We’ll need some time though to view all items…

The Red Cross will be on site with a well-equipped medical tent, ambulance, two emergency doctors and paramedics, and will ensure the availability of medical aid.

Don’t hesitate to approach them or the fire brigade if you or someone else requires help!

Access to the Nation of Gondwana is only permitted to people aged 18 and over. No exceptions!

Similar to the planet, resources at the Nation of Gondwana (NoG) are limited. If you arrive by car, you’ll need a car ticket.

Those wishing to camp with a car, caravan, or motorhome longer than 5 meters must purchase a caravan ticket. This helps us better plan our limited camping space, as we’ve noticed that your vehicles have been getting larger in recent years.

We believe that partying together doesn’t just mean having fun together, but also – when required – looking out for each other. Specifically, this means looking after and respecting one another, showing consideration where necessary, and even stepping in to help. Please also refer to our Code of Conduct!

We will not tolerate any physical violence or damage to property – any instances will be reported to the police!

We prefer if you give your mobile devices a break for the weekend! Photography and filming are generally discouraged, especially in the dance areas and around the lake, as many of these recordings end up on the internet.

When people feel watched, they behave less freely, and we don’t want that. We will confiscate professional camera equipment for the duration of the event!

If you want to take pictures, please limit this to the camping area and remember to obtain the consent of all depicted persons, respecting the personal and privacy rights of your fellow attendees.

Two teams from us will be roaming around to create photo and video material. Faces will be blurred. You can recognize the teams by their badges.

There are bins located all over the festival site. Please use them to dispose of your rubbish.

We’ve noticed in recent years that you tend to mix your trash with glass and PET (plastic) bottles. Ecologically, this doesn’t make much sense. That’s why we’ve come up with something new for this year’s NoG.

We will only accept separated(!) garbage this year. That means glas bottles and PET bottles in one bag and the garbage in another bag. So we also accept a bag of bottles as a garbage deposit.

ATTENTION: We will not reimburse the garbage deposit for garbage bags containing bottles and residual waste. The garbage deposit opens Saturday at 19:00 and ends punctually on Monday at 13:00.

There will be a shower and 24/7 ceramic toilet area called the “Sanitäroase.”

Additionally, there are 80 reusable plastic sit-down toilets and over 40 eco-friendly dry toilets distributed across the camping and event area, plus 20 urinals for standing use, cleaned every 5 hours.

A separate FLINTA toilet area will be near the Wiesenbar.

Near the Red Cross (DRK), there are two accessible shower and sanitary containers, along with 4 mobile accessible toilets distributed around the site.

Sexual, racist, homophobic, transphobic, anti-disabled or any other form of aggression will not be tolerated at the Nation!

To help those affected, we will be providing a safer space for the first time this year. This will be located next to the Red Cross tent. Members of the safer-space team will also be at various locations on site, and available for you to speak to at any time – you can easily recognise them thanks to their green t-shirts.


There will be two large drinking water stations. One is located on the event area in the back of the Wiesefloor.

The second is directly connected to the sanitary oasis.

Sound systems on the camp site and car park, as well as unregistered sales stands, will not be tolerated and will be removed by us immediately!

Unfortunately, in recent years the toilets, decorations and equipment have been tagged and even spray-painted. Getting rid of the damage was expensive. Anyone caught doing this will be thrown out and charged for the damage caused.

There will be no evening box office this year either! An administrative order has been imposed on us which limits the number of festival visitors. We will adhere to this order.

We will publish the timetable one day before the event.

12 Juli 2024 | To all potential ticket jobbers: Unfortunately, there are currently NO AVAILABLE POSITIONS. Should we need additional support, we will announce it here and on our other channels. Just check back regularly. Thank you!

We will be carrying out random wristband checks during the festival. Please make sure you don’t lose your wristbands.

Unfortunately, there were some thefts again last year – please do yourselves a favour and don’t leave any(!) valuables behind in your tent.

If you want to come by car, please be aware that you will need to purchase a vehicle ticket.

All vehicle tickets are sold out!

Bringing weapons of any kind or other dangerous objects is strictly prohibited and will be confiscated. In addition, there is the threat of a ban from the premises.