Code of conduct 2022

A solidary and caring togetherness is our main priority whilst partying! By buying the tickets for the Nation of Gondwana 2022 you acknowledge our code of conduct:

  • We say a clear no to sexualised, racist, ableist, homophobic and transphobic acts of violence. 
We clearly say no to right-wing/extremely right-wing tendencies, actions or ideas, no matter what form they take. 
We say a very clear no to discriminatory and hurtful attacks.
  • We attach great importance to respectful and attentive interaction with each other. Opposing behaviour will lead to a direct expulsion from the site!
  • Especially during a global pandemic it is important that we act in solidarity to protect ourselves and others.
  • We say yes to serious & sound science. We say yes to masks and distance where necessary. We say yes to vaccination.
  • We also still acknowledge the shocking news about sexual violence at festivals from the last years. The Nation of Gondwana is also fundamentally not immune to these assaults. In the past, we have already done a lot for a more non-discriminatory coexistence and this year we want to further improve our existing structures and safety precautions.
  • At this point we would like to point out our awareness team from Safer Space, which is available for you around the clock and has an open ear for ALL matters. There you will find support, help and protection, even words and looks can hurt.
  • In order to prepare a beautiful Nation of Gondwana 2022 for everyone without exception, you are also needed. If something seems strange to you, for example if you notice that someone is being harassed (even verbally) or is always hanging around the showers, please let us know immediately. Contact the awareness team, which can be recognised by their green shirts, or the security.

Because for us, celebrating together means taking care of each other.