Terms & Conditions

Special Terms and Conditions for the Sale of Tickets for the Nation of Gondwana Festival / Visitor Regulations

  1. The contract for the event is concluded when the ticket is handed over to the purchaser. In doing so, the purchaser bindingly agrees to use the ticket(s) exclusively for private purposes. Each ticket is only valid for one person. Children and young people may not purchase tickets. The purchaser bindingly agrees that he/she is of legal age.
  2. If the event contract is concluded at artevent GmbH or at an authorised sales outlet, the event contract with artevent GmbH is concluded by handing over the tickets; if the order is placed by telephone, it is concluded by the employee of artevent GmbH stating the booking number. In the case of an order by telephone, the customer has the opportunity to view the general terms and conditions in advance at the advance booking offices and at www.pyonen.de. The customer will also be sent the general terms and conditions together with the order. In addition, the General Terms and Conditions will be sent to the customer together with the ordered tickets immediately after conclusion of the contract. In the case of an order by telephone, the customer will be informed before the order process that by continuing the order he/she accepts the inclusion of these GTC without the GTC being sent to him/her before the conclusion of the contract.
  3. In the case of an order in the online booking system, the offer for the conclusion of a contract is made by the orderer as soon as he places an order for a ticket. If artevent GmbH accepts the orderer’s offer, it confirms this by sending an e-mail, which also constitutes acceptance of the offer.
  4. The rights and obligations arising from the event contract documented by the admission ticket can only be transferred to a third party by the third party entering into the event contract and assuming all rights and obligations. This entry requires the consent of artevent GmbH, which is not granted in particular in the event of the sale of the right to attend or of tickets within the framework of auctions not authorised by artevent GmbH, in particular on the Internet or via other Internet marketplaces or Internet ticket exchanges not authorised by artevent GmbH.
  5. Each orderer may – irrespective of the number of order processes – order a maximum of the number of tickets that artevent GmbH indicates as the maximum quantity for the respective event. Circumventing this prohibition by giving different names is prohibited. For reasons of contact tracing in the event of a Corona infection, the tickets will be personalised. For this purpose, purchasers must provide their contact details truthfully and in full. Admission to the event will only be granted if the ticket holder can identify himself and the names on the ticket and on the identification document match. The visitor can identify himself/herself with official identification and identification documents with a photo, such as an identity card, passport or driving licence. artevent GmbH is entitled to withdraw from the event contracts concluded by the orderer by blocking the tickets in the event of a breach of the obligations from sentences 1, 2, 3 and/or 4.
  6. In order to prevent acts of violence and criminal offences in connection with attendance at the event, to enforce prohibitions on attendance, to prevent the resale of tickets at inflated prices and in the interests of the safety of spectators, artevent GmbH’s consent to the entry of a third party into the event contract in accordance with clause 4. will not be granted in the following cases:
    • in the case of the sale of visiting rights or tickets, if the resale price offered or achieved (auctions) exceeds the remuneration owed by artevent GmbH for these visiting rights/tickets plus a flat rate of 2 euros by more than 10%; this also applies in particular in the context of a private transfer (artevent GmbH does not agree to the private sale on ebay under the aforementioned conditions)…;
    • in the event of the sale of the right to visit or of tickets within the framework of auctions not authorised by artevent GmbH (in particular on the Internet) itself or by third parties;
    • in the event of the sale of the right to visit or of tickets via Internet marketplaces or Internet ticket exchanges not authorised by artevent GmbH itself or by third parties;
    • in the event of a commercial or industrial sale of the right to visit or the purchased tickets without the express prior written consent of artevent GmbH;
    • in the event of sale of the right to visit or of tickets without express reference to these GTC, in particular this clause.
    • A sale of the securities listed under the aforementioned specifications is only permitted on the platform www.tixforgigs.com.
  7. Passing on or offering of visiting rights or tickets in violation of the points mentioned in clause 6 is prohibited. By concluding the event contract or by entering into the same, the contracting party warrants that it will not violate this prohibition. By presenting the ticket at the entrance to the event, the ticket holder warrants that he/she is entitled to attend the event and, in particular, that he/she has not received the ticket in the context of passing it on in the cases specified in Clause 6.
  8. For each violation of the prohibition mentioned in clause 7, the contractual partner is obliged to pay artevent GmbH a contractual penalty, the amount of which is to be determined by artevent GmbH at its reasonable discretion, but which may not exceed 2,500.00 EUR. The number of unlawfully offered visiting rights or tickets is decisive for the number of violations.
  9. In the event of a breach of the prohibition according to clause 7. sentence 1 or a false assurance according to clause 7. sentences 2 and 3, artevent GmbH is entitled to
    – to withdraw from the event contract and/or
    – block the tickets and refuse to allow the ticket holder to attend the event.
    If the contractual partner should have a claim for reimbursement due to the withdrawal or blocking, artevent GmbH is obliged to take this into account in the context of determining the contractual penalty. In the event of a breach of the prohibition pursuant to clause 7. sentence 1, artevent GmbH further reserves the right to exclude the respective contractual partner from purchasing tickets in the future.
  10. In the event of loss or theft of tickets and timely written notification by the contractual partner, there is no entitlement to replacement of individual tickets. However, if artevent GmbH is able to block the ticket, a replacement ticket will be issued to the contractual partner against payment of a processing fee of EUR 10.00. artevent GmbH transfers the handling of ticketing in Germany to the following partner: TixforGigs, Käthe- Kollwitz-Straße 60, 04109 Leipzig, Germany.
  11. Dangerous items such as pyrotechnic articles, flares, weapons of any kind and items that may cause significant injury may not be brought to Naton of Gondwana.
  12. Before entering the event area (stage area separated from the camping area), bulky items of all kinds, all types of backpacks and carrying frames as well as bags larger than DIN A4 (approx. 20×30 cm) must be handed in. In case of doubt, please follow the decision of the supervisory staff. Locked-off areas and platforms may not be entered. Animals have no access.
  13. The taking of photo/video cameras and other image and sound recording devices for commercial purposes is not permitted. artevent GmbH may refuse entry to visitors with devices that are brought along in contravention of the regulations or confiscate such devices until the end of the event. Sound, photo or video recordings, except for purely private use, are strictly prohibited. Misuse will be prosecuted under civil and criminal law.
  14. The security service may examine persons – also by using technical aids – to determine whether they pose a security risk due to alcohol or drug consumption or because they are carrying weapons or dangerous pyrotechnic objects. artevent GmbH is entitled to refuse admission to the event in such cases. Drunk or drugged persons are not admitted. Spectators must take the seat indicated on the ticket for the respective event. The instructions of the security staff must be followed. In the event of violations, the ticket may be confiscated and the spectator may be banned from the venue. The bringing of banners for commercial use is prohibited.
  15. No replacement in case of cancellation, transfer or loss of the ticket. For discounted tickets, the corresponding authorisation must be shown. Returns or exchanges are excluded.
  16. We expressly draw the attention of the user of this admission ticket to the fact that film and photo recordings will be made at Nation of Gondwana, which may also show the user in a recognisable way. By purchasing the ticket and entering the event, the user agrees to the recording of images, including of him or herself, as well as to their exploitation and use, in particular by film, television and video, which is unrestricted in terms of content, time and space.
  17. If the event is not held, the amount paid will be refunded to the purchaser on presentation of the ticket purchased. In the event of a cancellation for which artevent GmbH is not responsible, the customer will only be refunded the ticket price and the rubbish deposit, but not the advance booking fees and the solidarity surcharge. In the event of cancellation of an event, the customer is entitled to a pro rata refund of the ticket price. Visitors are not entitled to any further claims.
  18. artevent GmbH is liable for culpably caused damage to life, body and health up to a maximum of 3 million euros with regard to the contract on event attendance. For damages to other goods in the aforementioned field of activity of artevent GmbH, the following applies: artevent GmbH is liable in the event of intent to the extent or in the event of gross negligence up to a maximum of 1 million euros if essential contractual obligations are violated. In the case of gross negligence, liability is limited to the direct average damage typical for the contract if only insignificant contractual obligations have been breached. Liability shall be limited to the same extent in the event of a slightly negligent breach of material contractual obligations. artevent GmbH shall not be liable in the event of a slightly negligent breach of immaterial contractual obligations. Insofar as the liability of artevent GmbH is excluded or limited, this also applies to the liability of the vicarious agents. artevent GmbH is not liable for disruptions caused by circumstances beyond its control. This applies in particular to impairments caused by the failure or disruption of the telephone communication network and the power supply.
  19. If there is an important reason, in particular if a visitor commits criminal offences on the premises (e.g. bodily harm, theft, drug dealing), artevent GmbH is entitled to exclude the visitor from the event. If artevent GmbH exercises its right of exclusion, the ticket loses its validity. A claim for refund of the ticket value is excluded. The instructions of the security staff must be followed.
  20. We draw your attention to the fact that visitors are liable for all damage caused by their behaviour. The instructions of the supervisory staff must be followed without restriction. Visitors who repeatedly fail to comply with the visitor regulations and the instructions of the supervisory staff may be expelled from the venue or banned from future events.
  21. People who have not reached the age of 18 are generally and without exception not allowed to enter the event. Any person under the age of 18 who is found at the venue will be immediately excluded from the venue and the event.
  22. The bringing of pets of any kind to the Nation of Gondwana event is prohibited. Bringing pets to the event may result in immediate expulsion from the event site.
  23. The purchased admission ticket will be replaced on site by a wristband. The wristband, which is properly fastened to the arm, entitles the holder to enter the festival grounds during the festival period. It may not be passed on to other persons. Manipulation, passing on or faking a false authorisation (VIP wristband) will lead to immediate exclusion from the event and will have consequences under criminal and civil law. A refund of the ticket value in case of leaving the premises before or during the event is excluded.
  24. Special hygiene rules / compulsory testing
    Special hygiene rules apply. The current version of the hygiene concept, which is also binding for visitors, is available at:


    Admission will only be granted to guests who have passed a three-stage Corona test procedure. Guests who test positive in the PCR test carried out on site must immediately go into quarantine. The ticket price will be refunded to them minus the solidarity contribution and advance booking fee.After leaving the premises, the tickets lose their validity and re-entry is no longer possible.artevent GmbH is at liberty to allow access only to those participants who provide medical documents to be specified in more detail. Such documentation and/or proof should be suitable for reducing the risk of participants spreading the Corona virus during or in connection with their participation in the event. Furthermore, artevent GmbH is free to make admission dependent on guests using certain technologies (in particular smartphone apps).

    Guests who participate in an event although they know or should have known that they are or could be carriers of a contagious disease indemnify artevent GmbH – upon first request – from all claims of third parties. This may be the case, for example, if an infection with SARS-CoV2 has been proven or if guests have not complied with their aforementioned testing or proof obligations and/or have provided or submitted incorrect or incomplete information or proof.

Artevent GmbH, 29. April 2021

Code of conduct 2021

A solidary and caring togetherness is our main priority whilst partying! By buying the tickets for the Nation of Gondwana 2021 you acknowledge our code of conduct:

  • We say a clear no to sexualised, racist, ableist, homophobic and transphobic acts of violence. 
We clearly say no to right-wing/extremely right-wing tendencies, actions or ideas, no matter what form they take. 
We say a very clear no to discriminatory and hurtful attacks.
  • We attach great importance to respectful and attentive interaction with each other. Opposing behaviour will lead to a direct expulsion from the site!
  • Especially during a global pandemic it is important that we act in solidarity to protect ourselves and others.
  • We say yes to serious & sound science. We say yes to masks and distance where necessary. We say yes to vaccination.
  • We also still acknowledge the shocking news about sexual violence at festivals from the last years. The Nation of Gondwana is also fundamentally not immune to these assaults. In the past, we have already done a lot for a more non-discriminatory coexistence and this year we want to further improve our existing structures and safety precautions.
  • At this point we would like to point out our awareness team from Safer Space, which is available for you around the clock and has an open ear for ALL matters. There you will find support, help and protection, even words and looks can hurt.
  • In order to prepare a beautiful Nation of Gondwana 2021 for everyone without exception, you are also needed. If something seems strange to you, for example if you notice that someone is being harassed (even verbally) or is always hanging around the showers, please let us know immediately. Contact the awareness team, which can be recognised by their green shirts, or the security.

Because for us, celebrating together means taking care of each other.