30th June 2022

Unfortunately, the time has come: in view of the rapidly increasing number of COVID-19 cases, we are forced to take action, and have decided to make the following measure compulsory for ALL:

Every Parallel World Tourist MUST present a negative rapid antigen test result from an official test centre (no older than a maximum of 24 hours before) before entering the festival.

We will check these test results upon admission within the scope of our logistical possibilities:

No entry will be granted without a negative result!

Our crew will be tested daily from the first set-up day onwards. We ask for your understanding that the current situation makes this measure necessary.

We are aware that this low-threshold action can only offer a little more security in this respect. However, we are firmly convinced that we cannot and will not remain inactive and are therefore doing everything we can at the moment.

More information will follow in the days before the event.

Your Pyonen