Dear All,

COVID-19 is omnipresent and shapes everyday life. We take the threat to public health posed by this virus very seriously. At the same time we have to realize the recent measures taken in Berlin to contain COVID-19 are sending the entire event industry into a serious crisis.

Our business has also been hit hard. Since the weekend our four bars are closed. 41 employees are temporarily without work, 41 livelihoods are in danger. We simply have no more income. At the same time our running costs, for example for rent, GEMA, energy supply, pension insurance and so on, remain.

The income of the bars is also lacking to secure the pre-financing of the Nation of Gondwana until the ticket sales start. The nation is – like so many bars, clubs, concert venues or festivals – in acute danger and we need your solidarity.

What is the future of the Nation of Gondwana?

At this stage we assume that the Nation of Gondwana will take place from 24 – 26 July 2020. The period until then is relatively long, the measures taken by the government will probably take effect and we hope that the expected summer temperatures will hamper the progressive spread of COVID-19.

Nevertheless, the developments are overtaking each other from day to day. What is true today will no longer be an issue tomorrow. What it looks like in July, probably nobody today can estimate with 100% certainty.

This means that the Nation of Gondwana could face an official cancellation by the authorities, which would be unavoidable in terms of public health.

What this means for you:
Should the event be officially cancelled, we will refund the ticket price to you. This is regulated by law according to the German Civil Code (BGB) and is also in line with our view of honest business conduct.

What this means for us:
If the Nation of Gondwana 2020 would officially cancel the event, our business would inevitably go into insolvency. At the same time, this would probably seal the end of the Nation of Gondwana.

Planning the Nation of Gondwana requires an intensive preparation phase of eleven months as well as a lot of energy and passion. Many people are involved in the organisation of the festival. Among them are six permanent employees* who earn their living with this job. Until today we have already spent countless hours to organize an exhilarating event for you. We stick to it, taking a break does not count – only in this way we can manage the upcoming tasks up to the nation.

The wages of the permanent employees* of the nation amount to about 112.000 € gross. On top of that, there are countless costs that have to be paid in advance. These include advance payments for booked acts, booking fees, travel expenses, advance payments for subcontractors and catering as well as fees and permits.

Before the first ones of you come to the field, we have already paid and spent almost 300.000 € in costs. Should the Nation of Gondwana be officially cancelled this year, we would be left with these costs.

As a small company we cannot cope with this. This would mean our end and we appeal to your solidarity.

This year we will therefore be launching two different ticket phases. The price of the first phase – our so-called Solidarity-Ticket – is made up as follows:

Advance Booking Fee10,00€
Rubbish Deposit05,00€
Solidarity Surcharge20,00€

20,00€ of the ticket price is shown by us as a service fee. We would prefer to call this 20,00€ a solidarity-contribution.

If there is a cancellation, you would not get this fee refunded. The same goes for the 10,00€ advance booking fee, which goes completely to our ticket service provider TixforGigs and only covers the costs of the return transaction approximately.

You would lose 30,00€ in total.

But exactly this amount would allow us to survive. But only in case you support us a lot. With the solidarity contribution we could pay the employees* their wages and keep their jobs. We could pay the artists and all subcontractors relevant to the event a part of their fee and save all our existences. Even in case of an official cancellation of the nation.

And: The solidarity contribution would enable us to celebrate a Nation of Gondwana with you in 2021 as well.

We will then start the second ticket phase in June. Those tickets will be available at a higher ticket price.
In June we will be able to estimate with high probability whether the Nation of Gondwana can take place in 2020.

The first ticket phase will also include the first line up. Further acts will be released.

Nevertheless we ask you to refrain from further DJ applications.

We hope for your understanding and backing.

We hope that you will support us by buying a Solidarity-Ticket.

Regardless of how the situation will look like in summer, we would like to say THANK YOU already now.

Take care!