Basically: Each ticket is personalized at the time of purchase. This is the only way we can correctly assign tests and reliably track contacts in case of doubt. For reasons of hygiene protection (see hygiene concept & FAQs), travel to the event must be organized differently this year. There will be no public transport or shuttle buses, as we want to form small clusters.

It will only be possible to get there by car or bicycle.

Therefore, there will only be tickets listed below in a bundle, it is not possible to buy a single festival ticket.


The ticket price includes a solidarity surcharge in the amount of 20.00 EUR.

The ticket price already includes a garbage deposit of 5.00 EUR.

The ticket price includes an advance booking fee of 10.00 EUR.

The ticket price includes all Covid-19 tests. (see hygiene concept & FAQs)

The agreement to our terms and conditions is a condition for the purchase of tickets! We hereby hope to prevent the profitable resale of tickets.

The agreement to our self-declaration / code of conduct is a condition for the purchase of tickets!


If you want to travel by car, you need a car bundle. These consist of 1 car ticket and, depending on the size of your carpool, 1 – 5 festival tickets.

Please carpool early before buying a car bundle!

This year there will be a much higher contingent of car tickets available.

There are no other parking possibilities in the village, vehicles parked here will be towed away.


Who wants to arrive with a bike, needs a bike bundle for this. These consist of 1 bike checkroom ticket and 1 festival ticket each.

This year there again a supervised bike stand exists.